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Meet Columbii

Columbii is a visitor from a distant alien planet who has decided to visit Earth. He travels around the planet visiting 7 different countries, learning about their culture and most famous landmarks. The book takes you on his journey and the free app uses state of the art technology to bring the book to life and test the knowledge of the user.

Scroll down to see some pages from the book and to see how the app brings the book to life.

The Book

Printed on high quality A5 paper

26 pages long, spiral-bound

Columbii has been written by us from the ground up, or from the sky down from Columbii's perspective. The book takes the reader on a guided tour around many different countries, including key landmarks and facts! The entirety of the book rhymes, which allows youngsters to improve on their English language skills as they read the book. We have designed the book so that it is able to be used with and without the app. This allows for the thrilling experience of using the interactive element while also meaning that the book can still be used for that quiet, relaxing bedtime read. Order your book now for £12.99!

Here are a few sample pages from the book so that you can get a taste of it.

The App

Simply point your device at the book and watch as elements from the book come to life using augmented reality. Experience the sounds and sights of the countries that Columbii visits by interacting with the app. Click on the floating question marks to test your child's knowledge using quizzes on content from the book. Download the Android and iOS app from the links above.

Mid-Staffordshire innovation

South-Staffordshire main

Staffordshire best trade stand

Staffordshire best company

West Midlands finalist

Disney creativity

NEC Group best product or service

HSBC West Midlands company of the year

Runner up - 3rd place Nationals

Innovation in IT nationals

Our awards

About Us

We are a group of three students who decided to embark on an experience called Young Enterprise. We set out to revolutionise children's books . Our company is called Augari.


We all have an interest in maths and science and are enjoying running Augari. We progressed through Young Enterprise winning multiple awards and represented the West Midlands at the national finals on the 5th of July 2017, where we won 3rd place out of over 2500 teams from the UK. We hope you have as much fun reading and using the book as we did making it! Please feel free to contact us on any of the social media links on the site.

Get in touch!




Twitter: @columbii_book

Facebook: /columbii

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Using a combination of traditional and digital media, Columbii is an award winning book that is both fun and educational. Scroll down to learn more about the book and app.


The next generation of pop-up books has landed.


Order your book today, Only £12.99!


Columbii visits Buckingham Palace